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The Good Life

Podcast The Good Life
Podcast The Good Life

The Good Life


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  • What We Really Think of Florida, Fighting Dark Thoughts, and Baby #3
    It’s our first time in 30A Florida and we’re giving you our honest review of the beach town everyone talks about. Plus debating about when we should have baby number 3. To close the show we’re sharing ways to fight dark thoughts that suck the joy out of everyday life. All that and more! It’s about to get GOOD!
  • Praying For Your Future
    Hey Fam, today we’re taking a closer look at prayer and the powerful effects it has on our lives. Do you pray? How often? Are you consistently asking God to be intimately involved in your life? Today we’re here to encourage you to do so and talk about the blessings it can yield. Stick around it’s about to get GOOD. Check-In - Appropriate Comments amongst Couples (0:00). 20th Anniversary of 9/11 (13:20). GOOD News of the Week (21:30). Highs & Lows (24:05). GOOD Word of the Week (42:00). Time codes are rough :)
  • Back to School Special
    Today we’re picking 6 of the funniest entries for back to school stories, debating over first date etiquette, and we’re sharing why it’s important for you to dance once in a while. All that and more coming up on TGL. Stick around its about to get GOOD. -Check-In (0:00). -GOOD News of the Week (12:00). -Highs & Lows (14:25). -Up For Debate - First Date etiquette (27:00). -Pick Six - Back To School! (35:10). -GOOD Word of the Week (44:10). Time codes are rough :)
  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Connection Strong
    Today we’re giving you 5 of our favorite ways to keep the fire alive in our marriage. Also we’re discussing how we’ve been navigating through unexpected delays for the launch of our new business. All that and a lot of fun on today’s. Stick around it’s about to get GOOD! -Check-In (0:00). -GOOD News of the Week (12:50). -Highs & Lows (15:25). -What I'm Lovin (30:00). -Relationship Rx (42:30). -GOOD Word of the Week (53:30). Time codes are rough :)
  • The Most Embarrassing Date Stories + An LA Reunion
    Today we’re back in the LA studio after 2 years away and we couldn’t be more excited! Today’s episode we’re picking 6 of your most embarrassing date stories + Sazan has a good word to share about being single. Stick around Fam it’s about to get GOOD! Check-In (0:00). GOOD News of the Week (12:30). The Highs & The Lows (21:00). What I'm Lovin' (33:33). Pick Six (39:30). GOOD Word of the Week (01:00:00). Time codes are rough :)

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