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CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

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  • Trump fundraises in Florida as state’s cases top 11K in one day; New poll: 67% disapprove of Trump’s handling of coronavirus; Fauci says he has not briefed President Trump in two months; COVID hits black and Latino communities at staggering rates; Big Ten Commissioner: “We may not have sports in the fall”; Parents stressed over what to do about school;
    Trump visits virus epicenter, but not to address p
  • Cases spike in 33 states; Hospitalizations at record level in 12; Supreme Court rules prosecutors can subpoena Trump finance docs; White House: Ruling was “a win for the President”; CDC says it won’t revise school guidelines despite Trump’s criticism;
    Dr. Fauci: States having serious problems should “
  • Trump pressures governors to reopen schools, as U.S. surpasses three million coronavirus cases; U.S. sets record of more than 60,000+ new cases Tuesday; Supreme Court allows employers to opt out of Obamacare's birth control mandate on religious, moral grounds
    CA gov: hospitalization rate up 44% over last two
  • Top doctor: U.S. in “free fall” as pandemic accelerates; Coronavirus test results lagging as demand surges; Trump says he will “put pressure on governors” to reopen schools; Trump’s niece slams his character in new book obtained by CNN; Florida still not releasing state hospitalization numbers; Brazil’s Pres taking Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19;
    Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive f
  • W.H. claims world looking at U.S. as “leader” on COVID-19; Trump embraces confederate flag, lashes out at NASCAR for banning it; Houston official warns hospitals could be overrun in two weeks;
    32 states increase in cases, 14 states steady, onl

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