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CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

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  • Special Edition: U.S. hit record high: 52K+ cases in one day; CDC projects 20,000 more U.S. deaths by July 25th; 11-year-old now Florida’s youngest covid-related death; Trump to attend massive July 4th event as COVID-19 cases soar; New restrictions in place as nation prepares for July 4th; U.S. placed on Britain’s “Red List” amid new travel rules; New movie based on Tapper’s 2012 book opens today;
    One study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavi
  • Special Edition: Top GOP, Dem leaders & Intel committee heads briefed today; Bolton: I didn’t see evidence Trump read the daily brief; Study: New mutation of coronavirus is more infectious; U.S. hit record high number of cases: 50K in one day; Epstein’s ex-girlfriend charged with enticement of minors; Gillibrand calls for hearings over Russia bounty intel; Florida voter: Trump “blew it” on coronavirus;
    NYT: Afghanistan businessman was middleman in Russ
  • 19 states pause reopening plans as infections surge in U.S.; 37 states increase cases, 11 flat, only 2 states declining; Trump tweetstorm stirs culture wars on race, ignores coronavirus
    CA gov. closes indoor activities for 19 counties o
  • Special Edition: Fauci: U.S. could see 100,000 cases per day if surge continues; Official: Russia bounty intel was included in the presidential daily briefing sometime in spring; House Dems slam White House for insufficient briefing; Biden: “Trump failed us” as other countries got pandemic under control; FL Gov: “We’re not going back, closing things” despite surge; EU to reopen its borders, but not to American travelers;
    CDC Director urges younger generations to wear mas
  • Special Edition: At least 14 states pause or suspend reopening plans; Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion law; WH: “no consensus” in intel community on Russian bounty report;
    46 states increase or flat in new cases, just 4 st

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